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Early Dreams Sergey Kolesnikov
Sergey Kolesnikov
Early Dreams
Traditional Electronic, Berlin School
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Artist: Sergey Kolesnikov
Album: Early Dreams
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1408.0212
Release Year: 2012 / 2014

Such a long history of mankind, numbering tens of millennia, is dappled with white specks of obscurity. We know only scattered episodes from life of the ancient ancestors, which they tried to transmit to next generations as much as possible. Great volume of knowledge is lost, destroyed or kept back by destructive progress, aiming to the future like an arrow without looking back, while the past is being covered by sands of time, and myths and legends come to surrogate invaluable traditions. We can only guess, how the ancient looked at natural phenomena, which thoughts and conceptions emerged in their mind. Most likely they comprehended things even better than we do in our dashing time, as they had a whole eternity for thinking and observation. Crumbs of knowledge, conjectures and speculations, which were able to collect, are expressed here by traditional electronic music in the Berlin school style.

01.First Life (6:21)
02.Beyond the Darkness (11:49)
03.Zero One (6:49)
04.Ritual Place (3:13)
05.Red Sky (11:32)
06.Night Star (4:36)
07.Early Dreams (5:08)

Keyboards, synthesizers, programmed, written, arranged, recorded and mixed by Sergey Kolesnikov.
Photography by Frank Kovalchek.
Artwork by Anna Riet.

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Tags: tranquil, atmospheric, sergey kolesnikov, berlin school, traditional electronic